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What've we been up to?

May 10, 2022

NewCP Team

Hey penguins!

We know what you all have been thinking of and waiting for. Due to technical issues and the recent influx of penguins, we had to put a pause on an upcoming party for maintenance purposes to welcome more penguins like you onto our island and continue waddling with us. We hope to make it up to you by showing you what to expect in the coming months, including a brief recap on some recent updates and changes!

Recap: In response to the high volume, we have increased the capacity on all of our servers and added 3 new servers to the family! Spanish users can now waddle on Yeti and Pizzarock, while English users can waddle on Marshmallow to meet new penguins!

May’s Party:

We know you have all been asking about and looking forward to our upcoming party. While our team has been tirelessly working on this upcoming party, we hope you enjoyed the small celebrations for Easter and Earth Day. For those of you who have browsed through April’s edition of Penguin Style, you may already know what May’s party is all about! We are excited to reveal the logo of the event: ninjabackground1

Take a look at what might be the newest permanent room that leads to new secrets, new games, and stories from a mysterious new character:



Speaking of games, who doesn’t love an old minigame? Bits & Bolts has never received enough love and attention statistically, but hopefully it will after you hear that we will be releasing stamps for it in June! Snowball Soft look forward to seeing this dusty machine in use (for the first time) and back in business soon..



Some of you have asked, “Why can’t my Robot Puffle do anything?” Gary has been extremely busy and working nonstop to bring that Robotic Puffle to life! He is so excited to show you some concept art for one of his most ambitious & mysterious projects yet. Perhaps it won’t be much of a mystery later on?

Along the way, we have worked on many bug fixes to improve and enhance your NewCP experience. Speaking of enhancements, you may have noticed that buying items in the latest catalogs or playing your favorite game looks a bit different. We have actually updated our user interface (UI) to complement our current art style and continue giving the game a fresh new look! We are also looking into performance issues for lower end computers.


With new penguins comes all sorts of names; and sometimes they unfortunately cannot be approved because they violate our rules. With the ability to change your username to something else that can be approved, your username will no longer appear as numbers. Speaking of usernames, a system that automatically approves and filters usernames is currently in testing! This is expected to ramp up the manual approval process and show others that you aren’t just a number! Stay tuned for progress updates on these 2 new exciting features as they are on their way!


A highly requested feature is finally coming to NewCP! We have actually been working on some known issues with igloos and looking into potentially returning puffle creatures back to the wild! We will share updates as they are available and we hope to make your igloo feel more like a home. Take another look at some concept art for sending puffle creatures back into the wild via your very own backyard. pufflebeach

Everything here is subject to change.

This concludes this update post and we thank you for your patience and support! We sincerely apologize for the delays, but we intend to resume normal operations and be back on schedule starting in June. We have so much in store and we simply cannot wait to show you!

Waddle On!

  • NewCP Team

O New Club Penguin é um jogo recreativo, criado por fãs e não há nenhuma forma de associação ao Club Penguin da Disney, Walt Disney Company, e a outros jogos da Disney.