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What have we been working on?

November 17, 2021

NewCP Team

Hey penguins!

Spooky season is over, and we are heading towards the holiday season! We have had some downtime in between parties, and our team has been working hard on many exciting things, new and old! Here is a special look at what we've been working on starting off with a recap of our recent updates.

Recap: You may have noticed some updates rolling out over the past few weeks, and they’re only going to continue. Hydro Hopper has been getting a lot of attention, from stamps back in May, to a complete redesign with smoother gameplay and sound last month!

Hydro Hopper image

Attention has now shifted to our old reliable games, Find Four and Sled Racing, with the introduction of leaderboards! Each week, the leaderboards will reset every Sunday night, with the top 3 members receiving prizes for their efforts. We love to see the dedication to reach these positions, and encourage playing with new penguins to give everyone a chance.

leaderboard photo

Upcoming Minigame Updates: Every stamp enthusiast's favourite game, Puffle Launch, is about to become even more popular, with new levels and stamps being introduced soon! In addition to these added features, Puffle Launch will also be getting a redesign. A little glimpse of what is to come can be seen in the picture below.

Puffle Launch new menu

A much requested update to Cart Surfer will be riding into the island soon! Will this mean a Hardcore mode? Will this mean an endless mode? Who knows! But keep an eye out for updates. When this does release, Cart Surfer will also be getting a brand new redesign! Check it out:

Cart Surfer Imagemm

As much as we love having the leaderboard for Sled Racing, how can we improve it even more? Stamps, of course! With the introduction of 12 brand new Sled Racing stamps, it might be time to start practicing, and put the Leaderboard to good use as these stamps hit the island in December 2021!

Our final minigame announcement is something we have been VERY eager to share with you all. We've begun work on bringing back the Sled Racer and SoundStudio android apps! We don't want to show you anything just yet, but the login system is now functioning and we'll share our progress further down the line!


Now for what everyone is looking forward to, parties! We have a busy few months ahead, starting with our November party coming very soon!


Without giving too much away, this party will be the first chapter in our new story, and will be a continued theme for future parties!


After our new event, we will be brought into December, and we all know what comes next! The Holiday season! We are very pleased to say that the Holiday Party will be making a return for 2021 and we cannot wait to share it with you! After another long year, it is important to spend time with your friends and family to celebrate the holidays and appreciate one another.


We might be moving to 2022 soon, but NewCP will be going back in time this coming January to celebrate the Prehistoric Party! This is the first Prehistoric Party for NewCP, so we might get lucky and get the Dino Puffles. You’ll have to wait and see!

Everything here is subject to change

This is the end of this update post and thank you for your ongoing support for NewCP. The future is exciting and we cannot wait to roll out these updates and new parties for you all to enjoy!

Keep waddling,

  • NewCP Team

O New Club Penguin é um jogo recreativo, criado por fãs e não há nenhuma forma de associação ao Club Penguin da Disney, Walt Disney Company, e a outros jogos da Disney.