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Bring on The Penguin Cup

November 16, 2022


Hey penguins! As you probably already know the Penguin Cup is returning for the first time since 2014, just in time for this year’s World Cup! The Sharks won in 2014, but will they win again? You'll need to choose a team out of: Hot Sauce, Fluffies, Sharks and Space Squids, so choose wisely!

penguincup teamprofile

How does the party work?

Then you’ll need to collect the Penguin Cup Ball to start playing! To create a match invite, make sure to equip the ball and press D to open a game in which other players can join. To join a match created by another player, click the icon that appears above their penguin. Once you’re in the match, you’ll want to match up the moving white circle to the target and try and score as many goals as you can within the time limit!

penguincup pressd

The more goals you score and the more matches you complete, you’ll earn coins and various sports themed items as you go along, some items may also give you upgrades to help you score goals quicker! It’s all about how many goals you and your team can score before the party ends, so be sure to rack up the points! And of course, don’t forget to represent by wearing your team colours.

Mascot Schedule:

Now, you’re most likely wondering if any mascots will be making an appearance during this party, of course! A party wouldn’t be complete without a mascot visit. Aunt Arctic will be visiting the island multiple times during the Penguin Cup, following this schedule:


Sunday the 20th, Blizzard at 2pm UTC

Tuesday the 22nd, Glaciar at 9pm UTC

Thursday the 24th, Bonza at 10pm UTC

Monday the 28th, Blizzard at 7am UTC

More visits are expected to be added as well as these times, so be sure to keep an eye on the New Club Penguin Discord! Be sure to join the fun starting on November 20th and score for your team to win the Penguin Cup 2022.

Waddle On!


New Club Penguin es una recreación hecha por fans y no está afiliado en ninguna manera con Disney’s Club Penguin, The Walt Disney Company, y/o juegos de Disney.