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Penguin Cup Recap

December 04, 2022


Hey Penguins!

The Penguin Cup 2022 has concluded, so let’s recap everything that went down! The party started off with everyone choosing the team they wanted to be in before the party started, with the majority choosing team Hot Sauce to begin with and looking to be the most popular team. However, once the party started Team Sharks took the lead in the first few hours of release and were quickly proving to be the team to beat, with their points increasing at a rapid rate. Each team were proving that they wanted to win, spending hours in-game either playing against other teams or using tactics such as playing against their teammates.


A few days into the party it was clear that Team Sharks were the superior team, being so far ahead, whilst Team Fluffies and Team Space Squids were constantly battling it out for third place and Team Hot Sauce trying to overtake Sharks to be in first place. A few teams created team servers, where they’d discuss tactics and appoint team captains, vice captains and other positions. It was fun to see the community come together but also getting competitive amongst themselves. Many ended up switching teams due to Team Sharks winning, with team switching disabled on day 3 of the party. However, many still stayed loyal to their original choice. Fast forward to the end of the party, the results are finalised, and the winning team is announced!


Team Sharks came in first place with 2808382 points! Then came Team Hot Sauce with 1608636 points. In third place was Team Space Squids with 942742 points and finally in fourth place came Team Fluffies with 756266 points! Even though Team Sharks won everyone was able to collect the Penguin Cup trophy for their valiant efforts and team spirit! Overall, we hope you all enjoyed the Penguin Cup and make sure to stay tuned!

Waddle on!


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