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December Recap

January 06, 2023


Hey penguins!

With 2022 coming to a close and the new year already in full swing, let’s look back at all the exciting things that happened on New Club Penguin during December!

Operation Hot Sauce concluded with a cinematic previewing the next part of the storyline: Operation Puffle, which will be coming this year! It also ended with our spy phones being broken, however The Director has told us we'll be getting new ones within the coming months.


We then had the Holiday Party to look forward to, which brought back all the content from last year’s holiday party. New content was also added, with quests from Elsa, Anna and Kristoff bringing Frozen themed items and rooms. There were also plenty of visits from mascots during the party, including Rockhopper, Merry Walrus and Aunt Arctic! Elsa even made an apperance sporting her signature background, which could be collected from her at a live performance of 'Into the Unknown'!

Coins for change also made it's return, with many new rewards. We managed to unlock all the rewards as a community and the grand total ended up being: 132,771,231!


After the holiday party concluded, we also had our first New Year’s event which took place in-game. It was great to see the community come together to celebrate the new year, whilst also giving away some exclusive items and a new stamp to commemorate the occasion!


Not only did we have plenty of parties and events over the course of 2022, but New Club Penguin gained over 1.5 million new users! We hope you enjoyed the end of the year and are having a great new year so far. We've already released a big bug fix update so far and stay tuned for more from New Club Penguin in 2023!

Waddle On!


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