Welcome Home!
LimeOctober 18th 2023
Hey penguins!
Welcome to the new blog!
It’s been awhile since the last blog post but we are officially back in business. As you can see, the website is looking a little different. The website has had a makeover including the blog so expect a lot more posts from now on, as it’ll be a lot easier for us to create new posts.
There are also some new additional features to the blog such as the ability to comment, add reactions and new built-in polls in which you guys can partake in.
Penguin of the Month
To start this off we’ll be running a poll to see if the community want Penguin of the Month to return or not. If you have only recently joined, you may or may not know what Penguin of the Month is. Penguin of the Month is an award given to a user who has shown to be a friendly, welcoming and helpful member of the New Club Penguin community. Whether that be helping with support questions in the Discord, actively chatting in any of the general channels or often seen hanging out in-game, this user is recognized by the staff team as someone who has made a positive effort.
As we stopped doing Penguin of the Month early last year, we want your guys’ input into whether it should return or not! So please vote on the poll below:
Penguin Poll
Do you want Penguin of the Month to return?
Along with the new changes to the blog, there are also some new features for managing your Club Penguin account and sharing your referral code! You can access this page by logging into the website and hitting the settings button!
That is all for this quick update post, as always keep an eye on our social channels & Discord Server for more updates and see you again on the blog soon for some Halloween content!
Waddle On!