Snow Place Like Home
LimeJune 27th 2024
Hey penguins!
We hope you all enjoyed the Pride Party, but that's not all! Today we are releasing our biggest update to date, so let's take a look at what's to come in this post.
Snow Place Like Home
That's right! The Snow Place Like Home update is on the way. This brings a host of new features to igloos, such as:
- Igloo Spotlight - a new igloo contest! There will be a blog post with more info on this coming July 1st.
- You can now rotate and resize furniture (Shift+Left Click)
- Added new toggle for private igloos just for yourself
- You can now search for furniture items by name! *Dev Note: "Searching by colour and other tags will be coming in the future"
- Players can now layer furniture items (Shift+Left Click)
- Added quick spawn when wall placement is toggled on allowing you to press Shift+Left Click on a furniture item in the inventory to spawn it in the center of your igloo
- Likes now display both global igloo likes and specific igloo likes - alternates every 10 seconds
- You can now create up to four igloos, additionally, you can now delete igloos, this will also delete the likes gained from those igloos
Other Notable Changes
- Fixed Sensei not abiding the no-element rule
Card-Jitsu Water
- Fixed "All Other Players have left the game"
Card-Jitsu Snow
- Added the revive beam
- Powercards now randomize correctly
- Ninja(s) will disappear when they leave the match
- Sensei now accurately throws the correct order of the elements
- Sensei SFX is added back
- Adjusted Stamina Levels
- Double coins now only applies if you have all the stamps
- Performance Improvements
- When playing your SoundStudio tracks in your igloo, they now loop correctly instead of only playing once
- All genres now play an intro sound effect once they have loaded - letting you know they've loaded successfully
- SoundStudio sharing is back in the Dance Club
- The Main Menu music no longer plays while playing the shared tracks from the Main Menu Banner
- All Albums now play in Surround Sound at the proper bitrate
- Reverted Main Menu UI to classic
- Updated loop selectors to match mobile
- Reenabled CPRadio Api
- Reduced SFX Compression
- Music now changes depending on game mode (Default/Candy)
- Added new Main Menu music
- Added ending stinger if game is completed
- Performance Improvements
- Reduced SFX Compression
- Added new Main Menu music
- Fixed music overlap on Spanish and Portuguese
- Performance Improvements
Bean Counters
- Fixed issue where completing a level would cause the stage to be redrawn which was causing FPS drops
- Reduced default volume to 50
- All Penguins in the top 10 now gets the leaderboard pin, the top 3 get coins as well
- If you've gotten first before, you will no longer show up on the leaderboard - leaving room for other penguins
Buddy List
- Buddy List now has a limit of 500 buddies
- Reenabled offline Buddy Requests
Misc Changes
- Reenabled EPF Spy Phone
- Various room changes
- Messages above 48 characters now display for all users
- Puffle Furniture has been reenabled. *Dev Note: "Excludes Puffle Bowl as this feature has been discontinued"
- Stage has new construction
- New edition of the Igloo & Furniture Catalog has been released
- The Backstage room has been discontinued
We've also begun work on bringing back monthly stage plays, as our previous poll results were quite conclusive.
For our next poll, we'd like to know if players would be interested in wearing hats on Wild Puffles, such as the Deer and Rabbit Puffles.
Penguin Poll
Would you like to be able to wear hats on Wild Puffles?
For our Spanish and Portuguese users - we hear you! We are working on getting the blog translated to those languages for future updates.
That is all for this update, so we hope you liked everything! The next update will be the Card Jitsu Tournament Event so as always, to stay up to date with future updates join our Discord Server and follow us on our socials.
Waddle On!