Puffle Party 2024 Recap
LimeFebruary 13th 2024
Hey penguins!
With the Puffle Party having just recently ended, it's time for another recap post of all of the best moments throughout the party. Let's dive in!
The party began on January 29th, with an introduction to the party from none other than PH herself! She told us how a cake had been made for Sam the Sasquatch to celebrate, however he had gone missing and we should go and check on him in the Puffle Wild when we had the chance!
The first few days of the party unlocked a six different side quests for us to complete around the Island, which brought back the Dino and Ghost puffles. These had been in very high-demand, so everyone had the chance to get them for themselves as well as some puffle-themed clothing items.
The main quest began on the 7th day of the party, this is where we started our search to find Sam. The first part of the quest led us to The Wilds after the cake in the Puffle Lodge had been eaten, we then gave Sam a fish and obtained the new Sasquatch Spotter stamp after he came back to his usual spot in the Puffle Wilds. He revealed that the reason he ate the cake is because he was reminiscing about his long lost girlfriend Samantha, showing us a short comic depicting the events:
We then went to look for the missing Samantha, following crumbs and bite marks in the forest maze until we finally made our way to the Sasquatch Village where Samantha was living!
After Sam and Samantha were reunited, they shared some interactions with each other as we saw them head off, holding hands and walking into the sunset:
As a final surprise, Dot the Design Gal made an appearance letting us all know that she was working on a Valentine's Event. I'm pleased to announce this is releasing on February 14th!
Alongside all of the quests, there were plenty of visits from PH and Sam the Sasquatch throughout the duration of the party. Here are some of the best moments from the mascot meet-ups:
It's great to see so many of you turning up to the visits. Can you spot yourself in any of the pictures?
Lastly, we'll be doing another poll. This time the question is Which of these is your favourite Puffle creature? Be sure to vote for your choice below:
Penguin Poll
Which of these is your favourite Puffle creature?
We hope you have all enjoyed the party and also managed to buy the entire penguin style catalog before the next one comes around! As always, be sure to follow our socials and join our Discord server to stay up to speed with future updates and everything else New Club Penguin related.
Until next time!