Holiday Party 2023 Recap
LimeJanuary 6th 2024
Hey penguins!
With the Holiday Party now behind us, let's take a look back at all the fun moments we had over the holiday season on New Club Penguin!
The party started on the 23rd of December but the Migrator was out of action! Rory wanted to surprise Rockhopper by rebuilding the Migrator for him, so it was our job to complete various tasks around the island in order to save the Migrator. Later on during the party, various side quests unlocked from Elsa, Aunt Arctic, Rockhopper and Merry Walrus.
Of course you can't have a holiday party without some mascot visits! There were plenty of visits from three mascots; Aunt Arctic, Rockhopper, and Merry Walrus with the latter returning with a new background! Mascot visits always bring the community together, so here are a few of the best moments from throughout the party:
To further celebrate the Holiday season and as a thanks from the NewCP Team, three codes were released which included exclusive items such as the original Club Penguin's beta party hat and other items! We hope you all enjoyed those special gifts as a thanks from us.
An impromtu meetup was also held in-game to countdown the New Year, in which the New Years stamp and the Light Up The Sky pin could be obtained. Even though it wasn't an official, organised event like the previous year it was still fun nonetheless, with Aunt Arctic even making an appearance!
At the end of each party recap post, we'll be doing a poll! This time the question is What was your favourite mini-party on New Club Penguin in 2023? Be sure to answer below:
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What was your favourite mini-party on New Club Penguin in 2023?
We hope you all have enjoyed the recent updates and have had a great start to the New Year so far. As always join our Discord server and follow our socials to stay up to date with everything New Club Penguin.
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