Easter & April Fools 2024 Recap
Lime โ€ข April 13th 2024
Hey penguins!
Since the Easter and April Fools parties have ended recently, it is time for another recap post. Since these events were combined, a lot went on so let's check it all out!
The Easter Party began on March 29th, with some small spoilers having been teased beforehand in a blog post. The main element of the party were three different egg hunts, which were hosted by Sensei. Ranging in difficulty from easy to hard, we had to search around the decorated rooms for the eggs. Some of the hints definitely threw people off course!
After completing each egg hunt, we received Easter themed items and a new Egg Hunt Stamp. Alongside this stamp, there were also two other new stamps added: Happy Easter Stamp and Balloon Ride Stamp, bringing new party and event stamps! An exclusive Easter code was also released on March 31st, containing many bunny slippers.
Sensei also visited during the party, bringing a new background and lots of penguins online. Here are a few pictures from the meet-ups!
With the Easter Party still on-going the April Fools mini-party began on April 1st, which brought even more surprises and items! A box dimension portal appeared in the Forest, transporting penguins to a another dimension. Within the box dimension, there were ten new dimensions which penguins were randomly transported to. Visiting all of them awarded us with the new Dimension Jumper stamp and new items were also available to purchase and collect within these different rooms!
You can't have an April Fools party without Rookie paying a visit! He made lots of surprise visits (definitely in character) and came with a returning background! Here are some of the best moments:
These visits proved to be even more packed than the Sensei meet-ups, with one of the visits having 900+ concurrent users which is crazy! Check out the post on our ๐• account for a fun montage of that meet-up.
The team poured so much work into these two events and we've been so thankful and grateful for your support with them! Many of you were also sharing your moments from the parties on social media. It was great to see so many people enjoying the party and coming together as a community! It's now time for our poll, the question this time is: Who's
Penguin Poll
Which mascot giveaway did you prefer?
That is all for our recap post this time. Join us on April 14th for the release of the Penguin Style and Igloo & Furniture catalogs.. with a certain Hollywood theme ;)
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