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LimeFebruary 28th 2024
Hey penguins!
A lot of exciting new updates are coming your way, so let's take a look at what's to come!
Activity Stamps
Brand new Activity Stamps are hitting the island! There are 14 total to collect bringing the total to 51! These range from becoming a tour guide, to battling the elements. Including both individual and group stamps, there's plenty of new ones to obtain for those avid stamp collectors starting today.
Big Game Changes
A change has been deployed to the servers, which should improve stability. The queue system has been implemented so when a server is full, instead of not being able to join you get put into a queue. This is part of a big behind-the-scenes change so if you experience any unusual game behaviour, make sure to report it in the bugs channel in the Discord server .
Alongside these larger updates, there will be a few other changes to the game:
- In January the ability to change your Igloo to day or night was added. Now for even more customisation, a third option has been added. Depending on the Igloo Location chosen, you can experience Rain, Snow or even a Meteor Shower!! Available February 29th.
- You also no longer have to split up your messages, as the character count has been increased from 48 to 78 meaning longer messages!
- Pressing the letter 'Q' is now a hotkey for Puffle Digging!
Art Wall
The art wall in the Book Room will be updated on the first and third Wednesday, of each month featuring work from talented artists that share their art in the Discord server's #Art channel!
The only rules are:
- Be Appropriate
- Be Club Penguin related
- Limited text as these will display on all languages!
Upcoming Content
We know we haven't always been the greatest, communication wise in the past and with our mission to make 2024 New Club Penguin's best & most reliable year yet, this is changing. We hope you've been enjoying the increase in blog posts (more stuff coming soon!) and in an effort to further this goal, we'll be doing our best to keep you up to date with the goings on.
- We also know we haven't exactly been consistent with catalog & Igloo Music updates over the years! Expect more consistency from us starting now. Clothing and Furniture catalogs drop on March 1st and Igloo Music changes starting VERY soon.
- We know, we hear you. The EPF PHONE's LONG awaited return has much anticipation. It is actively being worked on and will receive its own blog post detailing it's return when the time comes.
Now for the extra fun stuff, alongside the release of the Art Wall - new community-based content is on its way.
Igloo Spotlight: A bi-weekly igloo contest hand picked by members of the team. More information about this coming soon!
Penguin of the Month: No, we didn't forget about Penguin of the Month. It will be coming back VERY soon, so keep an eye out for that! I wonder what the winners get..
Thanks for the continued support!
Here's a code featuring four items! Thank you for the continued support.
Onto our poll, 'Should monthly stage plays return?'
Penguin Poll
Should monthly stage plays return?
And that is all we have to share for this months update post. We hope you've enjoyed our pace for this year so far, and it's only going to get better! See you in March for St. Patricks Day & Easter! To stay up to date with these changes and more, be sure to join our Discord server and follow us on our socials.
Waddle On!