Attention Java Enthusiasts!
LimeJanuary 5th 2024
Hey penguins!
Get your coffee aprons on and your back ready! A total of 16 new stamps for Bean Counters have been added, for all the stamp collectors out there to obtain.
There are also some new updates in other areas of the game. Igloo owners rejoice, you can now decide if you want your igloo to be Day or Night. As well as this you can also toggle Wall Placement which allows you to place any furniture item anywhere you want!
The last change we'll be talking about today is that you can now access your puffle stats from anywhere, without having to be in your igloo or backyard!
Other small tweaks and bug-fixes including returning puffles via your backyard have been extended to all available backyards!
We hope you all had a nice Holiday Break and enjoyed the annual Holiday Party. This is just the beginning of what we are sure is going to be another fantastic new year! As always keep an eye on our social channels & Discord Server to stay up to date on everything New Club Penguin.
Waddle On!