A Giftmas Thanks!
JonasDecember 25th 2023
Hello & Merry Christmas penguins!
Another spectacular year of New Club Penguin has gone by and to celebrate the holidays our team has decided to release some codes.. not one.. not two.. but three of them!
How it works is this post will get updated daily (until Dec. 25th) with a new code being revealed each day. Don't miss out on them because you just might regret it.. forever?!
First code: AGAIJH
Second code: HCUAPO
Third code: MQLDYK
Lastly, even though it's not the end of the year just yet I want to thank all of you, our community, for sticking with us through this amazing year. There's so much to be thankful for. The game and its socials have grown and changed tons this year. You've given us important feedback and creative ideas on how to improve the game and everything surrounding it, from performance & bugs to parties and features.
Although there has been some road bumps, we are extremely proud to be able to say we made this year our most successful ever and in turn made people happy by continuing Club Penguin's legacy. As always, we will continue that next year and raise the bar even further.
Until the next time,