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Operation: Tri-umph Recap

November 30, 2022


Hey penguins!

Back in 2021 Herbert decided to take over the island once again and re-enact his plan from 2016, using various machines around the island to commit the crimes. During each phase of the operation, Herbert altered different areas of the island.

The operation story continues this year, but first let’s take a quick recap of Chapter One: Operation Tri-Umph!

Gary had just been announced as missing by The Director and Rookie took over the Halloween party on short notice.


Phase 1:

Herbert made the Snow Forts into a laser dance party! triumph1

Phase 2:

Herbert shrunk the town, causing penguins to become smaller! triumph2

Phase 3:

Herbert removed colour from the plaza! triumph3

Phase 4:

Penguins followed his footprints through the hidden woods and beach using the TraceTracker3000, which lead directly to Herbert’s secret lair. Here there were blueprints of his plans to take over the island. triumph4

Phase 5:

After finding the secret lair, penguins had to complete the cave maze to be able to thwart Herbert’s evil plans. Upon succeeding, Herbert reminded everyone that he will be returning soon. triumph5

At the Holiday Party it was revealed that Herbert took Gary! Thankfully, Herbert returned him to us in a present seemingly unharmed. garyreturned

That should bring you up to speed! Be sure to play Chapter Two: Operation Hot-Sauce launching in December 2022.

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